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Pipe Bender Pipe Bender  

For those who are involved with the manufacturing industry it is vital to have machines and equipment that are well suited to the tasks at hand. Here at J&S Machine Inc we understand the unique needs of our customers which is why we offer you a wide selection of high quality equipment and machinery. Our prices are always as competitive as possible and you will find that our staff will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you receive the highest level of service possible. We currently offer a wide variety of machinery and equipment from YLM for use by metal fabrication businesses. We have several different tube and pipe benders from YLM to meet all of your bending needs.

The YLM CD-T38D is a powerful fabrication machine which allows you to make simultaneous bends on a variety of materials including angle iron, flat stock, round pipe, square tube, solid bar, and much more. This double head compression pipe bender is a machine capable of high production rates which will help your business increase the amount of work load being handled. Whether you are in the automotive business or your business builds specialty metal products such as ramps, or stair systems, this is the ideal machine to help you greatly increase the amount of work your company can handle. In the fabrication industry it is all about production and efficiency. The YTM CD-T38D will help your business to achieve drastic increases in both.

With a powerful pipe bender such as the YTM double head compression model mentioned above you can also take on projects that you may have otherwise been reluctant to handle. With minimal instruction you can have your staff producing finished products that would otherwise be impossible. The ability to produce double bends of similar or different angles makes this a powerful yet versatile machine. The complex bends that this machine is capable of handling make this an irreplaceable piece of equipment for your shop. You can also choose from manual or automatic operation depending upon the project and the skill level of the operator. This YTM pipe bender is a workhorse capable of greatly increasing production rates starting on the first day it is setup. With the ability to make bends between 0 and 180 degrees, the options for what you can produce are virtually limitless. When it comes to fabrication businesses, having the ability to make a wide array of products will help your company increase the amount of customers you can work with. This YTM pipe bender will not only increase the amount of production from your shop but it can also provide you with increased quality for your finished products. With the ability to fine tune any of the settings on this machine you have the control needed to make the precision bends that can make the difference between a good job and a great job. The precise control offered by this pipe bender is just one of the many advantages to using this versatile and powerful machine.

Pipe Bending

If your business is in the fabrication or manufacturing industry you will be glad to know that here at J&S Machines we offer some of the highest quality machinery and equipment in the industry.

Tube Bender

The YLM tube bending equipment we offer here at J&S Machine represents a high quality machine that is offered at a competitive price. If your business is looking to expand or you are just starting out, we have a variety of economical options when it comes to tube benders and pipe benders.

Tubing Bender

The machines and equipment we carry at J&S Machine are some of the most comprehensive bending machines which can perform a wide variety of functions, specific to each model.

Tube Benders

The future of a company depends on the decisions it makes.  Often that decision rests on something that might not seem significant.  Money can pour out from company if mistakes are made.  When the mistakes revolve around machinery like tube benders that involve materials then finances can take a bad turn after a short time, often before anyone can realize where the drain is coming from. 

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