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Welcome to J&S Machine, Inc.

J&S Machine, Inc. is a premier distributor of Tre C and YLM metal fabrication equipment with an emphasis in the areas of bending and cutting for a variety of industries. We provide complete turn key solutions ready to go into production when the machines arrive at our customer's facilities.

J&S Machine, Inc. provides complete R&D assistance, tooling design, testing, in house training and 24 hour service after the sale. Along with our suppliers we have 90 plus years of experience implementing and developing solutions for metal bending and cutting. Contact us today for a solution to your needs.


J&S Machine

J&S Machine

J&S Machine

J&S Machine

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Featured Bending and Cutting Machines

Our Product lines include manual, NC and PC controlled machines to fit a variety of production and financial needs. Contact J & S Machine, Inc. today and let our experts help you find the right solution for your bending and cutting needs.

YLM Bending & Cutting Machines

YLM features push-roll bending on touch-screen CNC machines allowing large and tight radius bends in one operation.

• CNC Rotary Draw Benders
Double Head Compression Benders
NC Benders
Hydraulic Tube Bender
Hybrid Hydraulic - Electric Tube Bender
Electric Benders
Automatic Loading Systems
Metal Cutting Saws

Tre C Bending & Cutting Machines

Tre C machines feature direct radius programming on the icon based 3-driven roll CNC machines. Servo controlled motions assure accurately repeated parts.

• Angle Benders
Section Benders
Extrusion Benders
• Profile Benders
Aluminum Saws
Optional Accessories

SIMASV Bending & Beveling Machines

SIMASV Bending Presses and Beveling Machines are distinguished by their flexibility and versatility.

• Bending Presses
Beveling Machines

What Type of Bending Machine do I Need?

Review a brief Q&A to see if one of our solutions can help your business reach its goals. Contact us directly at (715) 273-3376 if you would like to speak with one of our consultants regarding a solution to your bending or cutting needs.

More information on which bending machine is right for your needs.


Here at www.jsmachine.com we are proud to be the nation’s number one distributer of metal fabrication equipment, with a particular emphasis on the pipe bender and saw models made by YLM and Tre C. We also offer a large number of products made by SIMASV, who are one of the leaders in the horizontal bending press industry.

Through 90 years of experience in this industry, we have built up a huge knowledge of what our customers need. This can include:

  • Providing in-house training for staff.
  • Evaluating which machines are best for you - which includes all the different types of tube bending machines we sell.
  • Assistance with research and development.
  • 24 hour machine service after you buy from us.

As can be seen we offer more than any other company in this sector of industry and we pride ourselves on the fact that we can help any company to decide on the best pipe bending solution for them. Throughout the process we can make the following promises to our customers:

  • We will never recommend anything to you that you don’t need.
  • All the machinery will be fully functional and of the highest quality.
  • We will be available for 24 hours a day should there be any issues – however big or small they might be.
  • We will always price our products honestly – whether this is an expensive horizontal bending press or a simple cold saw.

As previously stated, we stock only the best products from the best companies – all of whom have been established names in the industry for many years…


YLM have been trading since 1976, therefore allowing them to build a solid knowledge when it comes to what customers need from their machinery. Their pipe bending machines are recognized throughout the world to be at the pinnacle of the industry – which is proved by the fact that they had sold over 18,000 tube benders up until 2003.

The products that we stock from this world renowned company include various different types of pipe bending machines – such as double head compression benders and CNC rotary draw benders – as well as more traditional tube benders as well. In fact, YLM have been at the cutting edge of tube and pipe bender technology for many years, shown by the fact that they were the first company to create PC based tube benders, way back in 1991.

We can guarantee that anyone purchasing an YLM tube or pipe bender product from us will be 100% satisfied both with how the product works, as well as the amount of use that they can get from it.

Tre C

If YLM are at the forefront of the pipe bender technology, then Tre C is not far behind at all. With 30 years of experience in this industry, they have all of the knowhow and experience to ensure that all of their products are both of the highest quality and of the highest practicality.

Not only does Tre C manufacture some of the highest quality pipe bending and tube bending machines in the world, but they are also at the forefront of the cold saw industry as well. Through us customers can purchase the Tre C aluminum cold saw, which is fully optimized to effortlessly cut through all types of different materials. Additionally, we also stock various Tre C control systems, which are an invaluable addition to any business.

Purchasing a Tre C machine from www.jsmachine.com will ensure that you go away with exactly what you need for your pipe bending and tube bending. With huge reliability and the best functionality on the market, they are a company that everyone can trust.


SIMASV are at the forefront of the horizontal bending press industry, as they were the first company to ever manufacture this type of pipe bender design. Through 50 years in the industry they have built up a strong following, based on the fact that their machines not only work, but that they work very well.

Even though they have been around for such a long period of time, they never rest on their laurels. They continually look for new innovations in the field of pipe and tube bending and are constantly adding to their impressive collections in the areas of the horizontal bending press and in the area of beveling machines.

It is through companies like SIMASV that this industry is able to keep moving forward and we heartily recommend all of their products to every single one of our customers.

In a nutshell, at www.jsmachine.com we have everything that you could possibly need to push your industry forward. Contact us now on 877.273.3332 or through sales@jsmachine.com to see exactly what we can do for you!

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