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Beveling Machines

The SIMASV beveling machines are robust, compact and easy to transport, suited to the beveling of iron and stainless steel.

The mill group has a double rotation sense, which is selectable via a special selector with an immediate emergency system. The mill group is able to realize bevels of various angles (2230' - 30 - 3730' - 45 - 55) simply by tilting the sheet metal running roll to the appropriate angle.

SIMASV beveling machines are offered in two models: SP12V and SM20. The portable SP12V beveling machine is robustly constructed in cast iron, capable of supporting loads considerably higher than all cutting stresses. It is easy to transport and thanks to its contained weight and dimensions, it can be connected to large dimension pieces to be beveled without the need to move the pieces. The maximum bevel depth at 30 is 18 mm on sheet metal in iron.

The SM20 beveling machine, the largest model which can bevel sheet metals up to 50 mm thick, is fitted with wheels to allow the beveling even of pieces with very large dimensions without the need to move them. The maximum bevel depth at 30 is 26 mm on sheet metal in iron.


  • SP12V
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