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There are several designs of bending machines that you can find in the market currently. They are used to bend aluminum and steel in different sections like windows, doors, tubes and pipes. These electromechanical and hydraulic machines are able to tackle any kind of bending needs you may ever have.

Different bending needs require different models of bending machines to carry out. There are however, those machines that are flexible enough and you can use them to handle multiple tasks without necessarily getting a bending machine for every task you intend to accomplish. Bending machines operate either in a horizontal or vertical position. The versatility of some of these machines however allows them to operate from both positions.

The first in the list is the CR 126HA which is an electro-hydraulic machine. It is used to bend aluminum and steel sections. It has software that allows it to conduct both automatic and semi automatic bending of sections through programming by an operator. This model of bending machines works both vertically and horizontally and can store over 99 distinct programs.

CRM 140 is another model of bending machines that you can be able to find from J & S Machine, Inc. This hydraulic machine has central rollers that create a radius. It works with an encoder that digitally displays its position. Programming of the rollers allow for the use of these bending machines to be used in different materials in an efficient way. This machine also works in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Also existent are the CR 13-R, CR 23-MR, CR 14-R, CR 24-R, CR 16-, & CR 26- . The performances of these bending machines are exceptional on both steel and aluminum sections. They are made in very strong housings of cast iron with stable electro-welding onto a metal base. The controls in these machine need external powering from a low voltage right from CR13-R to CR24-R are models that can be used both horizontally and vertically.

At J & S Machine, Inc, you are able to find any kind of bending machine that you are looking for. There are designs for different kinds of jobs available and you can buy them at very affordable prices. For anything, you may need in this industry; you can always find us to be your best partner with an assurance of quality. Technical support with bending machines is provided to give you ease in handling them.

Our product ranges are also not just provided for profit maximization. Our company is so inclined to the needs of the society. Through our shopping for a change strategy, we help the community to provide sustainability for itself. Some proceeds are forwarded to charity organizations. It is therefore a great venture to buy bending machines from us.

Think about the suffering society and shop for a change from J & S Machine, Inc Company. You shall have gone a long way to giving hope to the less fortunate in a community that is looking for support even in the slightest way. Buy your bending machines from us.

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