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Horizontal Bending Press Horizontal Bending Press  

Horizontal bending presses are found to be very versatile and flexible. They are used for shaping of different objects. Able to produce flat, round bars, square, tubes and many more shapes of metals, iron, steel and aluminum, they are commonly found with fabricators working in different fields. A single design of machine can be used in different fields to give different results.

These are the best friends to every metalworker. They are used for punching, straightening, bending, blanking and much more. Horizontal bending presses come in variation and advancement in technologies to take in the needs of the changing market. They are automated such that even accurate factory needs may be adequately provided for. Latest technologies are tested and provided to the changing market scope that we receive daily.

At J & S Machine, Inc, there has been a continued growth in the demand of the horizontal bending press. This is because of the stocking of technologically adaptable models that are needed by modern customers. A connection to suppliers in different categories makes it possible to host a consistent stock of latest technology horizontal bending presses.

With a stay of over 20 years in the market, there is a clear indication of maintenance of quality. The kind of work that a horizontal bending press is always subjected to require a standing standard of quality. That is the only way by which you will have your horizontal bending machine serving you adequately without getting into multiple technical hitches. At J & S Machine, Inc, we stick to provision of quality machines.

When you buy a horizontal bending press from a company like J & S Machine, Inc, you can be sure of a standing lifespan for your bending press. You will be able to get so much serviceability from your machine and have it maintained in a good condition always. We will provide quality replacement parts for your horizontal bending press to give you reliability in its usage even after repairs.

A dependable technical support team is available to help you with any technical difficulties, which your horizontal bending press may ever face. This also helps us to have our stocks tested for proper functioning before they can be in the stores and later sold to you. There is a dedication to training of technical staffs to equip them with necessary skills and expertise. They are able to learn new technologies as well as upgrade their customer care skills to best serve our customers.

Your use of the horizontal bending press may not just be in need of technical support. There may be other issues, which need to be understood by staff members in a more personal way. In most cases, it is always practical to help you over the phone or email with details of trouble shooting. This is done in a friendly manner before we can determine if it is a problem, which needs physical assistance of our technical staffs. 24-hour service is available for helping you even when a technician is not around.

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