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3C-C.L.O.M.E.A. offers a variety of single head cutting machines for cutting light alloy sections. These cutting machines are available in two models the TA400AM & TA400AP, both suitable for cutting straight and curved aluminum sections. Standard safety features include two pneumatic clamps for stabilizing material during cutting and a double button system that requires both hands of the operator to be clear of the cutting area before the blade can be engaged.

Product Specifications


• Single head with ascending Ø 400 mm blade. Manual TA400AM or Pneumatic TA400AP.
• Manual positioning of turning plate with fixed reading every 15° from -60° to +60°.
• Intermediary positions with mechanical manual locking.
• Pneumatic vice and blade lubrication.
• Suitable for the cutting of curved sections.
• Optional laser indicator.
• Optional horizontal pneumatic clamps for added cutting stability and safety

TA400 Comparison Chart


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